Rate my team The quickest way to your perfect FPL team

Fantasy Premier League (FPL for short) is a hugely popular online fantasy football game run by the Premier League. Well over 3.5m players play FPL and there are big communities of users from all over the world who enjoy the challenge and friendly rivalry that FPL provides.

At Emerald Solutions, we have created the first fully online dedicated Rate My Team platform, where FPL players can ask for feedback on their team selections and strategies and can digest that feedback in a manageable way.

The idea behind RateMyTeam.uk is a simple one - to provide a community driven resource where managers can request their team be rated in a structred way and by users whom they are confident they can trust.

Here is an example RMT, while everything you could want to know about our platform can be found on the how it works page.

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What is Fantasy Premier League?

With over 3.5 million players, Fantasy Premier League is the biggest Fantasy Football game in the world! It’s free to play and you can win great prizes!