Hydra Adding Content
Adding content to your Hydra blog

Hydra is designed to be intuitive to use, and once you are logged in as your blog's administrator (the details for the administrator account will have been emailed to you when you signed up for Hydra) admin functions (indicated by red buttons) appear on the site and allow you to add, edit and delete content from your site.

All content optimised for mobiles, tablets and large screens as well.

Types of content

Hydra allows you to add the following types of content to your blog:

  • Main content, such as news or feature articles that appear on the front page of your site. Main content can be future posted, comments from visitors are allowed (and can be deleted by administrators)
  • A page for records, for example if your blog is about movies, you could list the highest grossing movies of all time here.
  • A page for trivia items or facts related to your blog content.
  • Specially designed for sports blogs, we have a results feature which can be used to list match results.
  • There are affiliate products attached to a banner ad at the top of your site, a side bar and a specially designed giftshop where you can specify departments. More on the workings of affiliate products can be found below
You can see a live example - this is our own Hydra powered blog about the England football team.

Apply for Hydra blog of your own

To apply for a Hydra blog of your own, you need to register an account with us.

I already have Hydra and need some help

Hydra is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use, it's also optimised for mobiles, tablets and large screens. If you need some help with your Hydra blog then we have written some guides below that may help you if you have any questions

If none of these guides help, then you contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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Adding content example

We'll show you some screen shots of adding content to the home page of a Hydra blog. All the other content types work in the same way, you just click on the page you want to edit (the home page, records page, trivia page, results page, or giftshop) and (if you are logged in as an administrator) you will see the red admin buttons appear:

If you click the 'create new content' button, then a form appears that allows you to add new content with a headline, date, main content and a search query (for displaying an affiliate product):

You then just click the 'Add content button' button at the end of the form and your new news item/feature will be published. All the content areas work in the same way, and we think it's a very intuitive way to add, modify and delete content - you just browse the content as you would as a normal user but, (as the administrator) you have buttons available tha allow you to modify the content you are viewing.

Affiliate product examples

Hydra combines with your (free to open) Affiliate Window account, and it uses the merchants and products provided by Affiliate Window. If you'd like to know more about configuring your lists of merchants or would like to know more about the Hydra/Affiliate Window integration, then you can read our affiliates and merchants guide.

Affiliate search queries work by allowing you to specify a search query that searches your affilate window account for products that match the query. It's just like a google search. You just tell hydra what kind of products you want to display and Hydra takes care of retrieving all the images and links that are needed to earn your commission. No more copy/pasting images or links from your affiliate provider.

You can apply search queries optionally to the special offer product that appears at the top of your page, to the side bar, to the giftshop and to each content item that you add to your site. When you are logged in as an administrator, the giftshop page will allow you to edit all gift shop departments, the side bar and the special offer product. Each news item/featured article has it's own (optional) search query which is editible from the home page.

Here is an example of a news item/featured article with a search query specified:

When this item/article is displayed to the readers of your blog, your affiliate window account is queried and any products matching the search query are displayed below the news item:

For news items and the special offer product (at the top of the page) one product is displayed. For the shop side bar and for each department in the giftshop, up to 10 products are displayed for each query.

Here is an example screen shot when editing the giftshop (from where the side bar, special offer product and all giftshop departments can be edited):

This is what happens when you click the 'Change products' button in the sidebar:

You can see that the search query is "Euro 96", and that the side bar is then populated with affiliate products that match the term.

We believe that Hydra is intuitive and simple to use, but if you have any questions not covered in this guide, then you can contact us and we'll be happy to help.