Hydra Easy income for content authors
Hydra - Easy income for content authors

Hydra is a simple blog engine designed for content authors who want to use their writing talent to generate an income. It's optimised for mobiles, tablets and large screens, it's fast and it's easy to use.

The problem with traditional affiliate links (where you sign up to a program with another website and then advertise their products on your site) is that it can take a lot of time to continually copy and paste link urls and images from affilate websites to your blog.

Other systems such as adwords are simpler to maintain, but lack the control that you might want in terms of promoting specific websites or products.

Hydra solves this problem by letting you use search queries to find affiliate products (much like a google search) that run over a list of advertisers that you select and control. The results of the search query are then listed on your blog, in your giftshop, optional side and header bars, and optionally against the content items that you write for your blog.

This way, you get control over the merchants you send customers to, you can link different products to your individual posts, and it can all be done with very little effort, freeing you up to write the content that brings people to your site in the first place.

How does it work?

When you sign up for Hydra, we will setup an account for you, configure a website and email you the login details for your administration account.

You add content directly to your blog by logging in as that administration user and using the simple admin functions. You can find more information about adding content our adding content guide.

Your blog will be available at a domain name that you chose. We recommend that you purchase and manage your domain separately through 123-reg, although we can manage this for you if you prefer. All you need to do is point your domain at our web server. A full guide to Hydra's domain integration can be found on our domain name configuration guide.

What affiliates/merchants are available?

Hydra affiliate links are provided by Affiliate Window (so you will be required to open a free account with them).

You simply open a free account with affiliate window (their accounts are completely free but there is a refundable £5 verfification fee during the sign-up process) and follow a few simple setup steps within your Hydra blog. Then you can begin using any of Affiliate Window's 2,000+ affiliate merchants.

Please note that some merchants have an application process that you will need to complete within Affiliate Window before you can advertise products from their sites. We advise that you check the lists of mechants offered by Affiliate Window if you have any specific merchant requirements.

Hydra blogs themselves are fully functional both with and without an Affiliate Window account, however you will be unable to use the giftshop feature until you signup for your free Affiliate Window account.

Apply for Hydra blog of your own

To apply for a Hydra blog of your own, you need to register an account with us.

I already have Hydra and need some help

Hydra is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use, it's also optimised for mobiles, tablets and large screens. If you need some help with your Hydra blog then we have written some guides below that may help you if you have any questions

If none of these guides help, then you contact us and we'll be happy to help.

What are the costs?

Hydra costs just £2.99 per month, or £30.00 if you buy 12 months hosting in advance (a 15% discount on the monthly cost). This includes your hosting and maintenance costs. There are no hidden extras, although you will also have to pay the costs of your domain name registration (if you require a domain name).

When you sign up for Hydra you get your first 14 days completely free to explore the platform and set things up. If you decide that you don't want to keep your Hydra account, then you can cancel it free of charge from your "my account" page with this period.

After your 14 day trial period, you will be charge the low, all-inclusive, fee of £2.99 per month (or £30.00 if you wish to pay for 12 month's hosting in advance at a discount of 15% on the monthly cost). You can cancel your Hydra account at any time online via the "my account" page. There is no miniumum contract term but please be aware that part-months cannot be refunded (if you cancel your account part way into a billing period).

Are there any example blogs I can look at?

You can take a look at our own Hydra powered blog about the England football team

Heskey makes it five

How do I sign-up

Simply register an account with us (or login if you already have an account), and then click on the "Apply for Hydra" button.